“The Godfather” Pen by Jacob & Co: a truly one of a kind

Famous for their glorious timepieces that combine artistic talent and impeccable technics, Jacob & Co. continues to expand the boundaries of the world of luxury to the realm of writing implements. To complement their magnificent The Opera Godfather Musical Watch, Jacob & Co. present a special limited edition of the handcrafted “The Godfather” Pen. 

“The Godfather” Pen pays tribute to the world created by Mario Puzo and masterfully visualised by Francis Ford Coppola. This gorgeous writing instrument embodies all the themes brought up in The Godfather: respect, trust, and power, to name a few. One of the lessons to be taken from this iconic story is that a pen is mightier than a sword and bullets. Undoubtedly, Jacob & Co.’s “The Godfather” Pen will pave — or write — the way to the field of success and fortune for its owner.

Behind the high quality of “The Godfather” Pen is the knowledge and experience of the premium pen-manufacturer Montegrappa. The product is handcrafted in the North-East of Italy, in Bassano del Grappa, at the foothills of the Alps, where the company has been based since its establishment in 1912. Although not exclusively dedicated to the production of pens, Montegrappa is universally renowned for its fine art-crafted writing implements, especially fountain pens.

“The Godfather” Pen collection includes a black rollerball pen and a red fountain pen. The former is suitable for those who value efficiency and simplicity, while the latter will delight the lovers of classics. Both pens’ cap and barrel are made from celluloid, charcoal grey and red, trimmed with rose gold plated sterling silver. The marbled design on the core is beautiful, and all the bas-relief details make the implement lie in hand comfortably and reliably. The fountain pen’s nib is crafted from 18k rose gold, and the feeder is ebonite, the most durable material that also provides a consistent flow of ink.

The Pen possesses all the recognisable imagery from The Godfather. The most prominent symbol is the movie’s logotype with the puppeteer strings. The end of the barrel is shaped as a bullet. The cap is crafted in the form of a revolver barrel, with one bullet slightly out, contributing to the tactility of the piece. Last but not least, the three-dimensional red ruby rose, famously sported on Don Corleone’s left lapel when we first see him, adorns the Pen’s cap.

“The Godfather” Pen comes in a collectable presentation box. It is a dedicated gold and black lacquer case. The lavish and shiny black material is a reference to the dark den where Don Corleone grants audiences during his daughter’s wedding. In addition, the case cover is upholstered in classy red leather, with the movie’s poster engraved on top. The case is adorned with gilded hinges and printings on the sides. “The Godfather” Pen from Jacob & Co. is truly one of a kind. It is a unique creation that combines the talent and creativity of Jacob Arabo, the professionalism and skill of Montegrappa, and the style and class of The Godfather story. “The Godfather” Pen collection is limited to only 499 pieces. Indeed, it is an offer that you cannot refuse.


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Article edit by Anastasia Fedosova