The Beautiful Mind of Remo Ruffini

“A sense of lightheartedness,” was Remo Ruffini’s answer to the question, what would make a difference in his life aside from more time? He is considerate as one of the Italian billionaire businessmen.

Remo Ruffini, Chairman and Chief Executive of the Moncler group, were born in 1961, in Como, Italy. He has been educated in the United States and Italy, where subsequent completing his schooling, he started his professional involvement far away to Gianfranco, his father. Succeeding his return to Italy, in the year 1984, he began New England.

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To begin with, the maker of men’s shirt, then it became “total look,” a sportswear brand, then supported by the continual increase in sales and enlarging dissemination in the USA, Japanese, and European markets.

Remo Ruffini

In 1993, he founded Ingrose, which later on became an exceedingly successful collection for women. In the year 2003, Ruffini obtained the Moncler brand, where he became a member, a Chairman, Moncler S.p.A. CEO. Gratefully, because of Ruffini’s exceptional strategic vision over the following ten years, he has developed the project named “global down jacket,” completing various initiatives as well as fetching an internationally acknowledge lead competitor in the production.

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Remo Ruffini, CEO of Moncler

Remo Ruffini is the CEO of Moncler, a company of ready-made garments and accessories, Franco- Italian, for the crowning 16 years. The Moncler company offers luxury products for both slopes and the streets.  The said brand has because of reinventing its belief that down jacket far off its standard top sellers along tapping well-known designers, namely Giambattista Valli and Thom Browne, to elucidate the primary cold-weather. Ruffini has gone thus far while presenting Valentino’s Pierpaolo Piccioli no charge guide to refurbish the jackets as impressive floor-length fashion.

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Below are some highlights in Remo Ruffini’s’ life:

  • He turned throughout almost bankrupt luxuriousness sportswear unyielding Moncler, taking it public in the year 2013, in the largest IPOs in Italy in years.
  • Ruffini started as the creative director of Moncler in 1999. Years later, he bought this brand. And now, he is the chairman and CEO since he owns a 20% stake.
  • He introduced new designs and colours at the company and later on worked with Carlyle Group to expand internationally.
  • Ruffini got working in the clothing company of his father, Gianfranco Ruffini.
  • He returned to Italy in the year 1984, and then he established his brand, New England, and sold it by the year 2000.
Remo Ruffini, CEO of Moncler

The leading fashion company Moncler, targets not only the millennials yet all the consumers. The evolution of the genius gave way to the varied collection of winter jackets and other self-made garments. The company is using a specific strategy for attracting their customers from China. Remo Ruffini believes that customer relationship strategy and management is very much crucial in China.

Remo Ruffini

With his talent and dedication, Moncler is continuing to grow and expand. The beautiful mind of Remo Ruffini is a symbol of real success. For the billionaire, success is doing what you love and being yourself. This sportswear company is a crystal sign that if you are confident with your goal, you will work for it.

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by Carmelo Spina


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The Beautiful Mind of Remo Ruffini