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It was a great pleasure to meet Susana Grau Batlle on the occasion of the International Gem & Jewellery Show Gem Genève last May 2022.

Susana Grau Batlle

I immediately felt a positive flow between us through her empathic approach towards life and people. I had to admire her courage for managing an outstanding and long career in International Humanitarian Affairs, serving in a wide range of war-torn areas in cooperation with various organizations. These profound life experiences led her to develop a deep understanding of diverse people and cultures making her the person she is today.



I asked her to tell us an anecdote regarding her decision to enter the world of jewelry design: “I studied art in my early years of education and there was always that desire in me to create meaningful beauty experiences but there was also a deep call for helping others.  When I finally got the chance to let my artist side out, I felt the universe was helping me. There were a lot of magic moments, all the sudden life was bringing me the right people for me to meet and work with. It was very special! Entering a new chapter in your life can be daunting at times, it requires courage, optimism, and grit but above all a leap of faith that everything can be possible. That is the spirit of this brand and my first collection. “

Her manifesto is: “We do not want to make jewelry. We want to make something that changes the world and changes the way people see the world.” Through her creations, in fact, Susana wants to transmit a profound holistic and ethic message. She announces the imminent end of one era and the beginning of a new one.

An age of feminine energy that will celebrate healing and beauty that are intimately intertwined. The Greek word holos ολοσ means entire or whole. Mankind seems to have lost the connection with Mother Earth that represents our strength and source of life. It’s vital to recompose the harmony of the five Kingdoms of the Earth, putting the common well-being in first place.

According to this belief, stones are protagonists. They are living beings that possess miraculous healing powers like precious talismans. In order to make her first high jewelry collection, Susana, driven by the ésprit of holistic fusion, gathered together artists belonging to different fields:  a poet, visual artists, gemmologists, sculptors, ceramic ateliers, filmmakers, and photographers. Her first high jewelry one-of-a- kind collection, The Mother of Mothers, is a tribute to our Mother Earth who nourishes us and without whom we would not be able to survive.

This line features rings representing each Kingdom. Five is no ordinary number. In ancient cultures the number five has a profound meaning: it represents the spiritual growth and good fortune. In Arabic five is hamsa and it is often featured as a hand and is considered a protective amulet for both Muslims and Jews.  The Chinese believe that the five elements make up everything and in Hindu cosmology the universe is composed of earth, fire, water, air and space. In this collection the feminine force of creation guides the universe with these attributes: wisdom, strength, harmony, and perfection that are unveiled only to those willing to follow this message of rebirth through Mother Nature and discover the five kingdoms.

Kingdom 1
Kingdom 2
Kingdom 3
Kingdom 4
Kingdom 5

All of Susana Grau Batlle’s jewelry creations are part of an ethical approach to circular economy from the extraction of the raw material to the end product.  She goes in great length to ensure that, by having created an EARTH FUND where a part of her sales will be distributed to different organizations. In this context I then asked her what she has in mind for the future.

“I would love to continue experimenting with shapes, textures, and colors for my next collections. I would also like to continue offering high-quality handcrafted pieces as part of a meaningful beauty experience and universe.”

I conclude this article with this illuminating poem written by the Persian Sufi Jalal al-Din Rumi:

“There is a life-force within your soul, seek that life.
There is a gem in the mountain of your body, seek that mine.
O traveller, if you are in search of That.
Don’t look outside, look inside yourself and seek That.”


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Article edit by Laura Astrologo Porché

Instagram: @journaldesbijoux


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Susana Grau Batlle… Invest in Jewelry