JI-WU Atelier: Dedication to Excellence and Innovation



Jieun Yim, an exceptionally talented Creative Jewelry Designer, has established her presence in the jewelry scene with her luxury Atelier based in the heart of Midtown Manhattan, New York. JI-WU Atelier stands out from others for the extreme quality of its production and expertise in working with remarkable diamonds and gemstones. This Atelier is an essential point of reference for those looking for high artistry, incredible attention to every detail and innovation. Jieun Yim, the founder of JI-WU Atelier, works with a vast range of highly esteemed clientele who appreciate her savoir-faire, impeccable and meticulous dedication in order to achieve the best outcome. The enthusiasm and commitment to excellence of Jieun Yim attracts worldwide selected brands, boutiques, individual jewelers and bespoke commissions on a daily basis. Her clients are conscious that JI-WU Atelier follows the strictest standard of perfection whatever the creation be: nothing is too big or too small to her. Yet, the high grade level of her work and the attention to any particular will always be the same.

Facets Intertwine - The Paperweight Capturing an essence of the London skyline, the paperweight design is inspired by and embodies the beautiful architectural design of some iconic sights. 18k white gold high polish framing houses over 65 carats of round modern brilliant cut diamonds.
Opulent Flutters - Butterfly Bangle When life emerges from one chapter to another, it can blossom into something truly incredible. With facets a plenty, this exceptional collection Opulent Flutters brings brightness, hope and riches of health and prosperity. 18k white gold with pear and round cut diamonds.
Opulent Flutters - Butterfly Earrings When life emerges from one chapter to another, it can blossom into something truly incredible. With facets a plenty, this exceptional collection Opulent Flutters brings brightness, hope and riches of health and prosperity. 18k white gold with pear and round cut diamonds.
Jieun Yim - Founder & Creative Director of Fine Jewelry Design at JI-WU Atelier



JI-WU Atelier has expanded its activities internationally by continuously investing in itself in order to reach the most important partners in Asia and Europe with roots in London, Bangkok and Seoul. Thus, increasing its already high reputation and leading position in the high-end jewelry world. Jieun Yim personally is in charge of the supervision of all the projects the atelier undertakes thanks to her artistry and great experience in the sector.

As you can easily see from these marvelous creations, JI-WU Atelier is never of a banal nature but always original. Every piece is inspiring and amazing and transmits deep values and a luxurious unforgettable experience.

Per Te, Virtuoso A lapel pin exuding prominent design and personality for an elegant soul full of courage and a devoted outlook. Capturing the essence of Roman architecture, the platinum lapel pin is encrusted with baguette step-cut diamonds.
Shaken With Ice Adorned with princess and round cut diamonds, a pair of cocktail inspired platinum cufflinks takes your mind and senses to the Art-Deco period with the curvaceous and prominent design features such as the pavilion facing diamond cocktail shaker tops.

I asked Jieun Yim what her source of inspiration is: “I am mainly inspired by architecture and movement. I have been fortunate enough to see a lot of the world and the shape of buildings, landscapes or patterns can easily spark an idea in my mind. Considering movement and motion when designing fine jewelry is really important; you want it to look beautiful but also wear beautifully too.”

Then, Jieun Yim told me about her brand’s ethos:
“As a fine jewelry design consultant, one of the biggest parts of my job is to envision what my clients have in their mind when they’re unable to explain or put it down on paper. Turning their brief idea into a visualized concept, into a design, into reality.



It’s a perfect collaboration between my advice and their needs. I’m always looking for new techniques and new opportunities to continue developing fine jewelry design and production. It’s our consideration and attention to detail which our clients love. We input our ideas, we consult with our clients and our opinions are respected to guarantee the best outcome.”

Paparazzi One of the best feelings to have as a human being is confidence. Our Paparazzi earrings embody confidence in an abundance with the combination of striking marquise and pear cut diamonds flaring around the important emerald cut diamonds. Completing this design with elegance, an Asscher cut and pear cut diamond suspends for sensational motion. 18k white gold.
Daggers of Desire Delving into our design ethos to encourage power and strength when wearing bespoke fine jewelry, our Daggers of Desire collection makes a bold statement. Crafted in 18k white gold, the free-flowing elongated hexagon cut diamonds take center stage in between the round cut diamond set daggers.
Reflective Heart A captivating diamond caress that allures you and all who admire into the rich, deep blue sapphire showpiece. The delicately arranged layout of mixed cut diamonds frame the neckline with sophistication, beauty and a priceless sense of inner warmth.

The elegance of these bold works of art is evident.
I wish to conclude this article with a short poem:
Being good is always better,
And being better is really excellent,
Excellence be your dreamful destination!”

(Mohd Arshad)

JI-WU Atelier has made this dream come true! We can only admire its incredible masterpieces, emblem of excellence.

Article edit by  Laura Astrologo Porché

Instagram: @journaldesbijoux


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JI-WU Atelier: Dedication to Excellence and Innovation