BRAFA 2022: 115 exhibitors at Brussels Expo



After two alternative initiatives, BRAFA will finally be returning to its original form, enough to bring a smile to the faces of collectors and galleries. The 67th edition will be an unusual one, since it will be marked by a change of both venue and season for the fair. BRAFA will be held from Sunday 19th to Sunday 26th of June at Brussels Expo on the Heysel plateau. Over the course of these 8 days, 115 prestigious galleries from 15 countries (Germany, Austria, Belgium, United Arab Emirates, France, Hungary, Italy, Japan, Luxembourg, Monaco, Spain, Switzerland, Netherlands, United Kingdom, USA), will present their most beautiful works in ancient, modern and contemporary art. BRAFA is pursuing its mission to offer an ever more qualitative fair thanks to a rigorous selection of participating galleries.

Louis Valtat, Le Viaduc de Fréjus, circa 1905-1906 @ AV Modern & Contemporary

15 new exhibitors will be joining the fair this year. Harold t’Kint de Roodenbeke, the Chairman of BRAFA, is delighted: “We are pleased to welcome these new galleries. Every year, we take the time to analyse the new applications in order to offer a mix of loyal and new exhibitors, and to propose new specialities, such as the Islamic art of the Kevorkian Gallery. This is what makes BRAFA an unparalleled experience for collectors, who are always curious about art market trends.”



10 Swiss Galleries at BRAFA 2022

  • Cortesi Gallery Lugano,CH / Milano IT – Modern and contemporary Art
  • AV Modern & Contemporary , Geneva – Modern and contemporary Art New
  • Galerie Latham, Germany – dekorative Objekte des 20. und 21. Jahrhunderts New
  • Bailly Gallery, Geneva – Modern and contemporary Art
  • Igra Lignum Antiquités, Marnand – French furniture, artworks 18th Century, Empire, New
  • Galerie De Jonckheere, Geneva – Old Masters and modern Art
  • Galerie Grand-Rue Marie-Laure Rondeau , Geneva – Artworks 18th and 19th Century
  • Opera Gallery , Geneva – Modern and contemporary Art
  • Galerie Schifferli , Geneva – Art from the 20th Century
  • Simon Studer Art Associés , Geneva– Impressionist, modern and contemporary Art
Unique piece by Claude Wesel for Fernand Demaret Studio @ Collectors Gallery – George Minne, Oraison, 1894 @ Thomas Deprez Fine Arts

On the Belgian side, alongside regulars such as Axel Vervoordt and N.Vrouyr, the following newcomers will be exhibiting in June 2022 at Brussels Expo: the Collectors Gallery, Thomas Deprez Fine Art, Galerie Kraemer + Ars Belga, MDZ Gallery and QG Gallery. The Collectors Gallery at the Sablon in Brussels specialises in jewellery and objects by artists and designers from the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. It offers works of art to wear, signed by Pol Bury, Pablo Picasso, Sophia Vari, and Claude Lalanne, amongst others, as well as an important collection of sculptural jewellery by Belgian goldsmiths.



Thomas Deprez is a favourite of connoisseurs of fin-de-siècle Belgian art and pays special attention to the Brussels avant-garde society “Les XX” and the Impressionist and Symbolist movements in Belgium. The Galerie Kraemer, associated with Ars Belga, combines old furniture and objects (eighteenth century) with modern works. Two galleries based in Knokke, specialising in post-war and contemporary art, will be making their debut at BRAFA: the MDZ Gallery and the QG Gallery.

On the international side, special mention must be made of the participation of two new Swiss galleries, both located in Geneva. One offering contemporary art (AV Modern & Contemporary) and the other, decorative objects from the twentieth and twenty-first centuries (Galerie Latham).

The Italian Barbara Bassi, specialised in antique jewellery, will be exhibiting at BRAFA in June 2022, as will the London gallery, Giammarco Cappuzzo Fine Art, which has specialised for three generations in Old Masters’ paintings, from the seventeenth century and the Baroque period to the nineteenth century, with a renowned expertise in the field of paintings by students and disciples of Caravaggio. Also from London, the Gilden’s Art Gallery will offer works on paper by Alexander Calder, Sam Francis and Marc Chagall. Two Parisian galleries have been added to the list of French exhibitors at BRAFA: the Kevorkian gallery, which specialises in the archaeology of the Ancient East and the Arts of Islam and India, and the Galerie Dina Vierny, which is focused on modern and post-war art. On the Luxembourg side, the Nosbaum Reding gallery, halfway between a Project room and an art gallery, brings together artists in light of the contemporary market. Also specialised in contemporary art, the Zidoun-Bossuyt Gallery focuses on African-American and emerging African artists. Finally, to be discovered in June at BRAFA, an Austrian gallery: Florian Kolhammer. Located in the heart of Vienna, it specialises in Jugendstil, art deco, design and furniture (Josef Frank).

Paul Delvaux, The Storm, 1962 @ De Jonckheere

A preview of the highlights to be discovered in June 2022. BRAFA is distinguished by its diversity and its ”cross-collecting” particularity, thanks to a perfect blend of styles and eras. 20 specialities are covered, from archaeology to contemporary art and design. 10,000 to 15,000 objects are put up for sale at each edition of the fair. This year, the highlights on display include a 1962 Paul Delvaux, The Storm, at De Jonckheere. Callisto Fine Arts will present a portrait d’Andrea Doria by the artist Giacomo Boselli (1744-1808). Studio 2000 Art Gallery will exhibit Children making music, a painting by Jan Sluyters dating from the early twentieth century (circa 1918) and the Univers du Bronze a sculpture by Auguste Rodin, Age d’Airain, 1875-1877. Hélène Bailly Gallery will present a bust of a naked woman by Kees Van Dongen, Fernande Olivier, 1911 and Galerie Jean-François Cazeau a portrait of Dora Maar entitled Tête d’une femme n° 5, 1939- 1942 by Pablo Picasso.

Keens Van Dongen, Fernande Olivier, 1911 @ Hélène Bailly Gallery – Pablo Picasso, Tête d’une femme n°5, 1939-1942 @ Jean-François Cazeau

Guest of Honour 2022 – Arne Quinze, BRAFA’s first Belgian guest of honour, currently lives and works in Sint-Martens-Latem, near the Belgian city of Ghent. He draws his inspiration from his observation of nature and creates colourful and flowery works that will be integrated into the decor of BRAFA in June 2022.

Arne Quinze, Erysimum – Zinnia_Luminosa @ Maruani Mercier © Dave Bruel

His entire body of work is inspired by the beauties of nature, and particularly by flowers, which he spends hours cultivating and studying in the wild garden that he has skilfully landscaped around his home. By means of his numerous projects and installations in cities as varied as Paris, Shanghai, Beirut, Washington DC, Mumbai, São Paulo, Dubai, and Cairo, he tries to reintroduce nature in urban spaces.

He prompts us to ask questions about our environment and our place in it, to marvel at the beauties of nature, and, in a way, to reconnect with our roots. He will be present at BRAFA with paintings, drawings, and sculptures, without forgetting his design of the carpet for this 67th edition. His expressive and colourful creations will undoubtedly instil a joyful and positive atmosphere at BRAFA, which will be particularly fitting for this renewal edition.” explains Harold t’Kint de Roodenbeke, the Chairman of BRAFA.


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BRAFA 2022: 115 exhibitors at Brussels Expo