Alberto and Silvia Prandoni

His aim is to provide the best high jewellery design, using the highest quality stones and creating unique and original jewels that reflect the collector’s soul. It is a real tailor-made jewellery concept.  The person wearing it feels one with Prandoni’s creations.

Like all remarkable masters of art, the great energies of the universe have always been sources of inspiration for this Maison. These are nature, history and the cosmos, which allow their creativity to break down the concept of space-time and be fully inspired by the richness of the colours that nature offers, by ancient Italian architecture and the legends of Greek mythology, by the fascinating mysteries that lie hidden in the cosmos and the constellations.

Nature has always been a source of great inspiration for the two superb collections, Coralia and Sirens, that crowned Boite d’Or with great success due to the excellent quality of the stones and the unique and inimitable design and the huge experience of the goldsmith’s craftsmanship.

As its name suggests, the Coralia collection is a tribute to the beauty of the coral reef, whose five hundred million years have given rise to the greatest biodiversity on the planet. The jewellery line reproduces the uniqueness of the elements of this fascinating world. The master goldsmiths skilfully hand-moulded the gold in order to create the best realistic effect, embellishing small goldfish with precious stones and studding the waves with diamonds. While admiring the beautiful creations of this collection, you feel completely bewitched by a sense of peace and harmony typical of the marine world.

Beauty, seduction and enchantment are the synonyms that, in the collective imagination, perfectly represent the world of the virgins of the ocean – from English “mermaid” to “mere”, which means “ocean” and “maiden” which means “virgin” – magnificent half-woman and half-fish creatures.

Wonderful craftsmanship and wide experience allowed me to reproduce the scales on the precious jewels and recreate the mermaid’s habitat, embellishing everything with fish and corals. In this way, this surreal and enchanted world has inspired the precious Sirens collection. Its highest creative-artistic expression can be found in the limited-edition ring that represents the mermaid’s enchanting mythological timeless beauty.

Superb collections, marvellous masterpieces created ad hoc to enhance the beauty and brilliance of extremely rare gems such as Paraiba, enchanting those who desire them. Thanks to a competitive international network, the gemstones are imported directly: thus, offering a choice of more than 300 different types of minerals. This allows Boite d’Or to create unique pieces with selected gemstones, made step by step, involving the customer emotionally and sensorially, from the beginning to the end of the creation.

This great commitment has allowed this company to become synonymous with excellence and creativity in the world of Made in Italy. A great added value of Boite d’Or is human relationships, which are essential to them and go beyond the sale as a sole end. More than a team of collaborators, this Maison is a big family always ready to welcome you with courtesy and dedication.

We are looking forward to the next Boite d’Or masterpieces!

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Article edit by Laura Astrologo Porché

Instagram: @journaldesbijoux